Our History...

This part of the webpage is dedicated to the history of the Midwest Marauders.  The Midwest Marauders was just a mere idea up until Fall of 2008.  A conversation about starting a "Riding Club" was mentioned one day and the rest as they say is history. 

What makes us tick? 
              -By Jeff Strong

(Pictured to the left in order from Left to Right Jeff Strong, Judy Clark, Rod Clark, Russ Roberts, and Vicki Roberts)

Our History:  The Midwest Marauder had been a thought of mine for many years.  I always wanted a club of some form.  I started work at Country Cycle in June of 2008 and it was not too long after that that I met Rod and Judy Clark, They would be in cleaning the shop or just looking around at the accessories thinking of what all they could do to their bikes.  I immediately took a liking to them and we became friends.  One afternoon while talking to Rod, I had mentioned something about a motorcycle club and how much fun it would be to create one.  We tossed around some ideas in regards to the name and what we would stand for who would be involved and some other miscellaneous things, and on January 19th, 2009 we held our first official meeting.  We held elections to decide the major positions to give the club some structure, we approved a list of "by laws" which outlined how we would conduct ourselves basically, there were 25 people in attendance that night.  Many of which have stuck with us while a few have faded out.  The Major core of our Riding Club is the "First Five" which include Jeff Strong (President) Rod Clark (Vice President) Judy Clark (Road Captian) Russ Roberts, and Vicki Roberts (Secretary/Treasurer)  The first five have been with the club through thick and thin.  There are several others in the club including Ben Spencer and his wife Tiffany, Bill Hull and his wife Charly, Phil and Mary Hughes, Gene and Diana Umbaugh among others.  Now that we have a year under our belts we are getting out there more, taking more trips as a group establishing more charity rides, and of course having a lot more fun!