Upcoming Events

Here is where you find out about any upcoming rides or events that will be taking place.

Sturgis 2010

As a group we have decided to go to Sturgis South Dakota for the 70th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  All are welcome to come along.  We will be leaving from Country Cycle on Saturday August 7th at 4p.m. SHARP!!!  (We have to leave right at 4 or else we will not make it to Sioux Falls that night)  It is 275 miles to Sioux Falls which is a little over 4 hour ride so the first afternoon/evening will be the hard ride.  Then Sunday we will make the remaining 350 mile ride into Sturgis.  Along the trip we plan to stop at Deadwood which is about 10 miles from Sturgis, Mt. Rushmore 60 miles from Sturgis, and visit the scenic Spearfish Canyon where you will see some amazing waterfalls literally feet from the road.  On the way back we plan on stopping at Wall Drug and if you have never been there it is a HUGE building made up of about 20+ shops and stores.  It should be an awsome trip so I encourage anyone who is remotely interested to come along!

Cruisin' for St. Judes II

Ok Guys and Gals, Its that time of year again.  I have been in contact with the St. Jude's Children's Hospital firming up the date for Cruisin' for St. Judes II.  It will be Saturday, May 22nd, 2010.  I'm already hard at work planning the route and stops and as they say this one is going to be Bigger and Better!  If you have any stops you would like to incorporate on this years ride please feel free to contact me and let me know so I can see about making them work.  I would like to incorporate more than just a bar to bar poker run this year, I was kind of thinking about maybe a dealer to dealer run, or park to park run, of course with a bar or two thrown into the mix.  This will be a poker run also.  Now I haven't nailed down all the specifics yet but I am working on it and I will have more information soon!

Update on Cruisin' for St. Judes Ride :  It will be a 145 mile lop sided figure 8 which will loop us down through southern Iowa and around the countryside back into winterset.  Registration will be held from  10:00-11:30a.m. at Country Cycle in Winterset.  It should take somewhere in the range of 6 hours to complete.

Flaming Lamborghini Run!

As you may remember the group went to Missouri last fall for the annual trip and those who went had an amazing time...crossing the ford, getting lost, and literally just having a blast.... All part of the adventure, right Russ?  Any way to make a long story longer... The last night we stayed at the Marshall Lodge, well needless to say, the Marshall Lodge wasn't the Hilton but there is a bar right next door and that was where a good portion of our evening was spent.  I told everyone that in order to stay in that room I was going to have to be really drunk....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Anyway, now to the point.  I had a drink down there that I have been unable to find in any bar in Iowa called the "Flaming Lamborghini"  and everyone thought I was insane for drinking it because it was a drink you could light on fire...and they did.  Well we had so much fun that we have to go back and thus the "Flaming Lamborghini Run" is born.  No set date yet but I will post more information as it becomes available.