As a member of the Midwest Marauders Riding Club you accept the following rules and agree to obey them...

1. First and foremost the Midwest Marauders Riding Club is a non-discriminatory non-patching club meaning that we do not discriminate against: race, gender, age, make of machine, and otherwise.

2. As a member of the Midwest Marauders Riding Club you promise to present yourself in a manor that is not considered destructive to the club's reputation.

3. All members will obey all laws state and federal.

4. The officers will consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Road Captain, and Sergeant at Arms.

5. Membership requirements are as follows:

             A. You must have a passion for motorcycles and or motorcycle riding.

             B. You must be approved by a majority vote of the members in the club.

             C. You will not be required to attend any specific rides or meetings unless notified by one or more of the officers.

             D. You will not be required to ride a motorcycle yourself.

             E. Each member will be required to look out for the welfare of there fellow riders.

6. Officer Election

              A. The election will be held at a club meeting.

              B. Elected officers may serve as long as he or she wishes to.

7. Officers

              A. President

                          a. The president is the "face" of the club

                          b. He or she is required to preside over all club meetings

               B. Vice President

                           a. The Vice President will carry out the president's duties should the president not be in attendance

                           b. The Vice President shall be on hand to assist the President in any major club related decisions.

               C. Treasurer

                            a. The Treasurer is responsible of keeping the roster of club members

                            b. The Treasurer is responsible for taking care of any bills or other occuring charges

                            c. The Treasurer is responsible for any accounting the club may need

                D. Sargent at Arms

                            a.The Sargent at Arms is responsible for keeping order in the club during meetings and club events.

                            b. The Sargent at Arms is responsible for security through out the club.

                E. Road Captain

                            a. The Road Captain is responsible for effectively moving the group from point A to point B during rides

                            b. The Road Captain is responsible for planning the routes used during any one paticular ride

8. Membership Status

                A. Probationary Member

                            a. Someone who has expressed interest in the club and may be awaiting a. 

                                        1a. Probationary members must show a passion for motorcycles

                                        2a. Probationary members do not have full voting privelages

                B. Member

                             a. Someone who has been patched in by a majority vote held by the current members of the club.

                                       1a. Members have full voting privelages

                C. Honorary Member

                             a. Someone who does not wish to be a patched in member of the club but has contributed to the club.

                                       1a. Honorary members may attend meetings but do not have voting privelages

                D. Life Member

                             a. Someone who was there from the start of the club.  Otherwise known as an "original".

9. Miscellaneous

                A. The club reserves the right to make any additions or corrections to the by-laws.

                B. the club reserves the right to deny or remove membership status to any party for any reason if they feel that the member is not following the guidlines or providing a good image for us.

                C. This club is not responsible for any injury or damage that may occur to any persons or property otherwise.