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The Midwest Marauders

If there is any interest in wanting to join or you have comments or suggestions for the group or the Bike night in winterset I can be contacted via my cell at 515-238-8501 or by e-mail at strongj210@gmail.com


We are just a group of motorcycle riders who get together for good times with good friends.  We've always wanted to put together our own riding group but never had the chance to actually work on it.  Well, nows the time!  We are working in conjunction with Country Cycle


The Creed of the Midwest Marauders Riding Club is as follows:

The Midwest Marauders Riding Club was founded on the principles of Freindship and Fun.  We are a group of friends who want to bring the joy and pleasure of riding motorcycles to others.  We strongly believe in friendship, a characteristic held by a group of people who have similar interests.  Finally, we also believe in Fun, ejoying what you do is what gives life its special feeling.  You should always enjoy life to the fullest.